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My School

This is my school –
It is really cool.
I study there and play games
Most of the days.
This is my school
Because it’s really cool!

 Kiril Stoyanov 4th C


I go to school at eight o’clock in the morning. I’m in fourth class. In school we learn writing and reading. My favourite school subjects are Maths, English and P.E. My teachers are very good. I like my school.

Teodora 4th D



Hello, I’m Pavel. My school is very big. Here study children from first to twelfth grade. They learn various sciences, languages, arts. I’m in fourth grade. Me and my classmates learn how to work with computers and their programs. My school is called Professor Nikola Marinov and the children taught here get excellence awards.

Pavel 4th D

My school is cool. Many students study in it. There are four floors and many classrooms. There are also two gyms, a canteen where we have lunch, a kiosk and a library. On the third floor we work with tablets. Outside there are big playgrounds. The teachers are very good. I love my teachers! I love my school!

Gergana 4th D

My school is beautiful
And my class is big, big,
But we are happy.
We learn new things,
We learn Maths, English and P.E.
I do my homework.
I love my school!
I love my school!

Siyana 4thD

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