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Второ СУ „Проф. Никола Маринов“ Търговище има нова интернет страница - http://2su-tg.com, която ще се актуализира с информацията за новата учебна година – от 15.09.2017 г. Работата по сайта продължава. Възможно е да бъдат допуснати неточности, които ще бъдат отстранявани своевременно. Старият сайт ще се ползва само като архив.

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Targovishte is a town in the North-east of Bulgaria with a population of 37,000.

There are 4 comprehensive (1st to 8th grade) schools and seven secondary schools.

No:2 Secondary School of General Education

“Prof. Nikola Marinov” - Targovishte

Motto:  Knowledge Is Our Strength, Success  Is Our Goal!"

The school where  the past, the present and the future  have come together for more than 40 years now.

With more than 1200 students, aged 6 to 19, our school is the largest in Targovishte region and contributes to a great extent to the overall cultural life of the town of Targovishte.



Uniqueness to the school is added by the 4 music- and art-profiled classes from 9th to 12th  grades. The students organize a lot of concerts and exhibitions to show the public what they have learnt. Both students and teachers are worthy heirs of Professor Nikola Marinov- the great Bulgarian artist, born in our town.


In the spirit of the dynamic processes of life nowadays, the students develop their abilities in the following sections: 

  • Technology
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Arts: Music & Fine Arts


We are proud with our alumni- nearly 90 % enroll universities to become journalists, economists, lawyers, computer specialists, doctors, artists, musicians.

We are working on several international projects:

  • Raduga iz Rossii (A Rainbow from Russia )
  • Symbols and Rituals at School
  • Improving the Youth’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Together Under the Sun of Europe
  • Children’s Police Academy
  • With Care for Every Student 

During the last four years the school worked on two very successful Comenius Projects: European Culture Challenges with partners from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal and Geometry in Everyday Life with partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, France, Croatia, Germany and Spain.


Students and teachers began the new 2014/2015 school year in a new environment. With the kind contribution of America for Bulgaria Foundation, seven classrooms were transformed into multifunctional cyber-center, equipped with contemporary education technology.Each classroom features a cosmopolitan city: New York, Los Angelis, Paris, London, etc. Adjacent to the cyber center there is an interactive common space for school and extracurricular activities. The goal of the project is to integrate new technologies in the educational process, combining them with the artistic and esthetic image of the school.




Our students take part in a lot of sporting events and win a lot of prizes!



There is a Scout Unit at the school, where the children are taught to love their homeland, to preserve and enrich the school traditions, to be confident, to be independent, to respect the others’ freedom.


Today’s young people need a better and more modern education. They also have to be motivated to train their communication skills, to learn more about the life of their peers in the countries of unified Europe. This is a way to broaden their knowledge.