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Начало » 2015 » Декември » 14 » Does education mean knowing everything?
Does education mean knowing everything?

Education has always been considered important because it really is. It is said to be the key to the future. But what door can actually be opened with this key that we receive? Is our education system providing us with the knowledge that will be in our favor in the chosen professional field?

Students in secondary school study every subject from geography to physics. This may sound excellent to some people because that way students expand their knowledge and that is the aim of education. However, few consider the fact that this overload of information might be too stressful. For a perfectionist trying to perform well in every subject this might lead to neglecting their own personal life and composure.

There are students at secondary school who have already decided on their future profession and studying every single subject is only distracting them from what they really want to concentrate on. That is why schools should provide more flexible programmes and have special classes with certain group of subjects. Of course, not all teenagers know what they would like to become regarding their profession and for those who are uncertain there should be classes with more subjects and possibilities for development.

In most of the cases, employers are looking for people who are accomplished in their certain field of work. No doctor is going to be asked about the spectrum of light when applying for a job after all. General knowledge is important but knowing everything could sometimes mean knowing nothing well enough to make a living out of it.

Atanasiya Filipova 12th C

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