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Начало » 2015 » Декември » 14 » Expectations


All of us live with our expectations from life but not always our wishes come true. Sometimes , we also have some disappointments, yet the searching for what we want remains.

People always expect different things. Some of them reach out for the material, the rest prefer to fight for their feelings and emotions which life gives them.

When it comes to me, I am a person who considers the material as something insignificant. Experiences are priceless. What I expect is nothing more than smiles, friendship, honesty, faithfulness, success, good luck and true love. I don‘t expect money, gifts or suprises. The best gift given can be just the reason for a real smile.

People often don‘t know what they actually want or they want too much. In the end, all they get is a big disappointment and they all have a lot of questions „Why?“ . People should think of that what is really valuable and if there is something to hope for.


Radinela Stefanova 10th C

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