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Начало » 2015 » Декември » 14 » No other animal on Earth is as cruel as man
No other animal on Earth is as cruel as man

People are said to be the most intelligent creatures in the whole world. Are we? In fact, we cannot go out without our favourite leather jacket. Then we see a homeless cat or dog in the street and we start feeling pity for them.

First, we are crueler than a lion. Even they are more loyal to their victims than we are to our friends, family or pets. What was happened to us? Why are we so embittered? We kill thousands of animals every day only because we are hungry.

Second, we look after one animal such a long time. We feed it, we give everything for its health, we love it. And after all our care we just throw it out in the street. Which is not right.

On the other hand, there are people who help the others, help animals, do not eat meet, because they know that if we keep doing the same things in the next years, in 2050 we will be the only creatures, and we will be prisoneers in our own world.

In short, we have to think more about who we are and who we want to be. Our future is in our hands. And if we do not help ourselves, nobody will. So we have to respect every little or huge creature, and because we, all the „animals”, have our own contribution to nature.

Nataliya Radoslavova 12th A

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