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Начало » 2015 » Декември » 14 » We are the world
We are the world

“We are the world,

We are the children,

We are the ones

Who will make a better day”…


I think that we are those who the world depends on. We develop and we change it and it depends on us what we will leave for the following generations-our children.

People constantly create innovations. They facilitate their lives. Every second may change our existence for centuries in the future. It can make our life better and it can protect all people on our planet from some global problems as deadly diseases or others which haven’t been solved so far. Thanks to this, million lives in all parts of the world could be saved and we could save the human face for longer time here, on the Earth, too. Those are great ideas and we must support the young minds which develop themselves constantly. They need moral support and if we can join with some new ideas, it will be great. In my opinion, young people could develop themselves so much only if they are stimulated to study. The universities are the places where they must be because “The more, the more” says Winnie the Pooh. We will always need interesting plans, ideas and future great scientists.

It depends on adults to make the necessary to achieve their goals. They must try hard to do it because we- the new generation- imitate them and we need a good role model.

Dimana Stoycheva 8th C

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