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Второ СУ „Проф. Никола Маринов“ Търговище има нова интернет страница - http://2su-tg.com, която ще се актуализира с информацията за новата учебна година – от 15.09.2017 г. Работата по сайта продължава. Възможно е да бъдат допуснати неточности, които ще бъдат отстранявани своевременно. Старият сайт ще се ползва само като архив.

Благодарим за търпението.


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“We are the world,

We are the children,

We are the ones

Who will make a better day”…

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Education has always been considered important because it really is. It is said to be the key to the future. But what door can actually be opened with this key that we receive? Is our education system providing us with the knowledge that will be in our favor in the chosen professional field?

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People are said to be the most intelligent creatures in the whole world. Are we? In fact, we cannot go out without our favourite leather jacket. Then we see a homeless cat or dog in the street and we start feeling pity for them.

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As it is said "A dog is man's best friend".But the question is then why some people keep killing and treating not only dogs but also any other animal like they are not living creatures. Firstly, poaching is illegal but that does not stop the man from practicing it. Also,there are many cruelties such as kids not just playing but hurting dogs or cats or even birds,for example. However, every animal has the right to live just like people have many rights to protect themselves.

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I’m from a comparatively small town in the north-east of Bulgaria – Targovishte. We don’t have universities or colleges, and unemployment is high. Therefore many people, who have finished their secondary education, decide to leave the town and to improve themselves somewhere else. The bad thing is that recently not only students but more young pupils, such as eighth graders, decide they want to leave. However, I have decided to continue my education here. I have been in the same school– Professor Nikola Marinov Secondary School – since first grade and I intend to finish it.

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This is my school –
It is really cool.
I study there and play games
Most of the days.
This is my school
Because it’s really cool!

 Kiril Stoyanov 4th C

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Hello! We’re Galin and Mitko and we’re students in the fifth grade. Our school has got four floors and its name is Prof. N.Marinov Secondary School. It has got a basement and a canteen. Here we have breakfast and lunch every day. There are many beautiful paintings and pictures on the walls. The third floor is the best because there are pied chairs and rooms. There are also tablets.

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Hi! I’m Alexandra and I’m a student at Professor Nikola Marinov Secondary School. I like this school because here students can study a lot of interesting subjects like Music, Art, Information Technology, Choreography and many more. I have classes on the third floor, but there are four floors. Two years ago the walls were painted by the art teachers and students. It’s amazing!

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Hi! My name is Lennard. I’m eleven and I’m in the fifth grade. I like my school very much. I’m new here. It’s better than my old school. The name of the school is “Professor Nikola Marinov”. He was an artist. I like him because I like drawing too.

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Hello! My name’s Christian. I’m a student in the fifth grade at Prof. Nikola Marinov Secondary School. I have studied here since the first grade.

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Hi! My name is Yoan and I’m a student in 5th grade. I wanted to study and I chose to study at Prof.N.Marinov Secondary School because I believe that it will give me a chance to get ahead. I have learnt English since I was in the kindergarten and I dreamed about studying here. Today this dream is a reality!

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My name is Desislava and I am twelve years old. I am a student at  Prof.Nikola Marinov Secondary School. Our school is the biggest one in the town and there are many students. The school has four floors. The third floor is beautiful, nice and cool. It was redecorated two years ago. Each room has a name of a different famous city or a country . Here you can find names like Bulgaria, Rome, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, etc. Sometimes our teachers and principals organize jazz – breaks. The musicians sing songs or we play interactive games in the Cyber Centre.

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